Reduce the customer moneychase.
Save a lot of time & money!
CreditKnight allows you to better manage the peaks and troughs in ‘your business’ cashflow.


Saves you a great deal of time and money

  • Reducing bad debts and long term overdue balances.
  • Avoid bank interest charges.
  • Full control and forecasting of your cash flow.


Reduces the client chase & improves productivity

  • Reminders for fully automated cash collection.
  • Centralised CRM of your debtors.
  • A completely paperless system.



Intuitive – will work the way you like to work

  • Cloud based.
  • Works seamlessly with all accountancy systems.
  • No back ups required or software updates.


Case study

Our decision to outsource accountancy services to Sollertia could not have worked out better. Sollertia’s professional approach to our needs operates seamlessly with our clients and staff. The operations actually work better than when we had similar in-house departments.

Paul Fulcher, Managing Director, Rigging Services Direct.

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Sounds good; how much does it cost?

CreditKnight is a monthly subscription service so it all depends on what you functionality you need.
Take a look at the options.

Credit Control Software – Creditknight Leads The Way

When you deploy an industry leading credit control software package like Creditknight, you can manage and control your cash more effectively to plan the growth of your business well into the future.

Creditknight will provide you with a range of powerful and versatile tools which radically improve your ability to control cash and makes forecasts of cash collections simple.

Improved cash control using our credit management software means that you can improve the productivity and profitability of your operation by reinvesting much more money back into your business for resources, operations and facilities.

Creditknight credit control software, empowers you to spend more time doing positive things in your business to make it grow by reducing the chore of chasing payments from customers. With the resource that Creditknight will release, you can start to think of improving the service you give to customers or procuring more orders.

Just think about how your reserves of cash will improve and how you will be able to cope better with unexpected changes in the trading climate such as the recent pandemic due to COVID-19. With a credit control software package like Creditknight, you can choose to lower your debts and avoid charges for overdue payments or interest due on unpaid invoices.

Whatever you do with the increased cash that Creditknight helps you release, one thing’s for sure, you’ll get greater peace of mind by knowing your business has enough spare cash to carve out a brighter future.

Credit Control Software That’s Easy To Use

It’s no good having a powerful software solution if a user can’t grasp how to use it immediately. That’s why the real secret of Creditknight is its user friendliness!

Creditknight is fully automated credit management software which will provide you with alerts when you need to progress cash collections and it can even be utilised to send reminder letters in bulk, removing one of the chores normally associated with credit control.

Additionally, Creditknight also comes with a reporting module for KPIs so you can tell at a glance how your business is benefitting from its improved cash collection process.

We are sure that Creditknight will enable you to realise a truly remarkable cash improvement in your business after a short time in use.

Why? Because when you use Creditknight credit control software, you get the best cash collection automation solution on the market!

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